LoveJoy CD Cover Mock-up

This project was assigned to me in a graphic design class. My goal was to create a CD cover design for any band of my choosing.

I decided to pick LoveJoy, a small British indie band who only had two albums at the time. Because of this I decided to make a combined album, the tricky part about this was bringing the two different vibes of the separate albums together. I then decided to use clouds and neutral colors to bring the two together.

For this project I used both Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, I used Illustrator to create the characters shown on the front of the cover as well as to vectorize LoveJoy’s logo and create the album titles. I then used Photoshop for the formatting and the design shown on the CD itself.

Once I had my design created I printed out each piece and placed it into a physical CD case where it was then put on display.

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